A lil history

I completed my very first quilt in late 2019, and have consistently had some kind of project in the works since then. I feel so invigorated by the shifting paces that happen through the various steps of making a quilt, and my reason for making it in the first place (welcoming a new baby, saying goodbye to a loved one, celebrating someone, letting a friend know that I am thinking of them) keeps me committed to see things through to the end. When I'm thinking about color, shapes, patterns, or traditional styles, my mind enters into such a joyful, energetic, and curious place unlike any other art form I've gotten ingrained in. Quilts are beautiful, sacred objects, and I'm honored to have the skills needed to make one from start to finish!

A scrap quilt made with love (and to get rid of a ton of pink I had). First time working with a long arm quilter, the lovely Emily of So Sunny Quilts in Portland, OR!
September 2022.

A great fun vintage band shirt collection turned quilt.

Bands included: Ween, Nada Surf, Pavement, James Brown, Baroness, Sleep, Sagittarius, Built to Spill, Johnny Cash, Electric Wizard, and Flaming Lips, among others!

May 2022.

For my brother's girlfriend, Zoë. December 2019.

Great 3D block scrappy guy. October 2020.

For my friends' daughter, Clementine. July 2020.

Big hand stitched quilt for my dad. August 2021.

For my dear friend, Jordan. April 2020.